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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yahoo is changing the Far East target

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Yahoo Japan's shares in Yahoo a few days can take the decision to transfer 35 per cent were expressed Softbank'e. Softbank, Yahoo Japan currently has a 42 percent stake. According to the information given by sources close to the subject, the companies will take place between the transfer of approximately $ 8 billion of shares.
Softbank'in Japan's third-largest mobile phone operator, will pay a premium for shares in the expectation, the value of Yahoo Japan's share increased 4.3 percent.Softbank'in the other hand, shares of the company under this agreement due to worries that  fell 2.4 percent.
Makoto Kikuçi Myojo Asset Management CEO of the financial consulting firm, "If the deal happens, it means ... to go through the control of Yahoo Japan Yahoo Japan's entirely Softbank'ın internet and mobile phones in the future and to strengthen itself in this way to create synergy also possible, "he said.
If the deal is successful, Yahoo's come from Japan, is expected to focus on the Chinese market. Yahoo, the Internet companies in China, the outstanding shares of Alibaba Group, has about 40 percent.
In September, the spokesman of the Alibaba Group, Yahoo's shares have indicated they want to get back, but since then no meeting between the two companies occurred.

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