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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UBS to alert the UK financial sector

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
UBS last two years, returns the threshold of bankruptcy, is an expert in investment banking, CEO Oswald Grubel, "The government regulations on the banking system is very quiet. Everything is behind closed doors, quietly hallediyorlar. One day starts to take decisions without saying anything to anybody, then our job difficult, "he said.
FT'ye Grübel'in the interview, the UK government wants to implement the new arrangements are disturbed by the banking system, the echo aroused among all the bankers.
67-year-old Grubel, all banking operations of foreign banks form the basis of UBS in London, to invest in the right place to know whether or not you want to be sure, he said.
Grubel, "like us, some words should be given to companies located in London, 7 thousand employees. The validity of this statement from today until tomorrow or not.We come from a foreign country for at least 15-year plans. So the next few years London's need to know how to evolve into a place, "he said.
Grubel, considering the cost of the United Kingdom and Switzerland, the United States and Asia, UBS and other banks' investment banking activities will be pointed out that the new centers. Both the UK and the countries of Switzerland compared to the rest of the world's most rigid rules in terms of capital requirements are applied.
Grubel, "Cashier of the world corresponding to 8 percent of loans given should have a share capital, in another part of this rate is 19 percent of the work will not be difficult to decide where to be done," he said.

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