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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami struck at Japan companies

Saturday, March 12, 2011
Asahi CASH The plant stopped operations due to power failure Miyagi'de. The workers were released, but has an estimate of the size of the damage.
BRIDGESTONE Great damage has been reported for any of the factories.
CANON Any damage or injury, the news did not come.
Citigroup HOLDINGS JAPAN Transactions has a hitch, operations continue as before after the earthquake. All personnel are safe in Tokyo. For the safety of personnel of all branches outside of Tokyo, made a confirmation yet. Also has branches in Sendai.
COSMO OIL A fire broke out east of Tokyo's largest oil refinery in Chiba'da. While all activities, refinery continues to work to extinguish the fire.
FUJITSU Some manufacturing facilities have been damaged, but no dead or wounded.
HONDA MOTOR R & D unit canteen Tochigi'deki 43-year-old male employee died in the collapse of the wall. Wall and roof damage occurred at Tochigi'deki other units. 30 people were injured. Sayama, Tochigi and Hamamatsu'daki factories stopped operating. Japan's Suzuka factory in the central part of the production of the intermediate re-started.
JFE STEEL The company previously announced that the news is not denied the Chiba'daki factory fire.
-JSR (synthetic rubber manufacturer) Ibaraki's, Kashima factory has stopped production. Not report any damage to a facility.
MITSUI MINING Hachinohe in Aomori zinc plant has stopped operations.
NISSAN MOTOR The four assembly plant stopped production in Japan. Small-scale fires and factories were Fukushima'daki Tochigi. Tochigi'deki two employees suffered minor injuries in the factory.
PANASONIC Fukishima'da sound systems and digital camera that produces two factories, stopped production in a factory producing Miyagi'de the camera lens.
SONY Two of the company in Fukushima, Miyagi, including four of the six factories in Japan have stopped all activities. Staff were evacuated. Sony Miyagi'si chemical factory semiconductors, optical film and the other three fabrikasıysa producing different spare parts. Fukushima's battery is manufactured in factories.
Multiples of the waters in the factories of chemical products Miyagi'deki presses, thousands took refuge to the second floor until the employee said.
SUMITOMO METAL INDUSTRIES Metal manufacturer, the company Ibaraki'deki factory closed two large industrial furnace. The company said no one injured.
Tohoku ENERGY The company's Miyagi's plant, said the turbines rising smoke. Any leakage of nuclear power plants at the property is not specified.
TOKYO ENERGY The company's nuclear plant in Fukushima Daiichi'deki three reactor automatically shut down itself specified. Cooling systems in reactors were closed at the same time.Any nuclear leak happened at the facility. Observation cameras confirmed the situation.
TOKYO GAS The company, 35 thousand home natural gas supply cut off in Kanto.
TOYOTA MOTOR Miyagi Japanese car manufacturer's spare parts located in the city center. Yaris brand that provides spare parts for cars of 120 thousand units per year production plant performs.
The company has a manufacturing facility in the Kanto in the city of spare parts. Here, too, Beltan, the Auris, Blade production is taking place for models.
Toyota Miyagi's a plant at the same time there is a partner with Panasonic batteries for hybrid vehicles being produced here. Currently the plant has stopped production

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