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Monday, March 7, 2011

Forex Trading Company (Internet Broker) How to Choose?

Monday, March 7, 2011
Forex Trading Company (Internet Broker) How to Choose? Before starting to trade the Forex market you must open a forex account brokeriyle.Broker will be your tool company to trade the forex market. Brokers earn money by your actions you make. Generally, the market buy / sell spread is known as the difference between the amount of commission the broker receives. Therefore, it is useful in finding a broker to narrow spreads.There are many brokers in the market and whether it is best to choose which one of them quite difficult. Find a good broker will require a little research (services provided by brokers, the spread farkalrı etc.).. However, this research certainly is not time wasted.Does the broker Checking ?When selecting a broker inspected and audits to check.. The Forex market is a market even if unchecked financial intermediary institutions and brokers in all Western countries, these institutions must pass inspection. Some brokers are known as IB Brokerler'dir Introducing brokers are affiliated, and this is a great platform to offer the broker. Such brokers are usually inspected by the representative of their broker firms.U.S. brokers Futures Commission Merchant (FMC) to be registered as the National Futures Association (NFA) must be a member. Whether or not registered brokers in the U.S. can learn from http://www.nfa.futures.org/index.asp.Audits to the European Union countries have all brokersEvery country has its own internal control mechanism. UK Financial Services Authority (FSA), Sweden, the Swiss Federal Banking Commission and the Federal Department of Finance has control. Please note, however, companies in Switzerland! Brokers in Switzerland only by the above-mentioned institutions for money laundering process is moderated. As of the date of writing of this book forex, not controlled in Switzerland.Customer ServiceThe Forex market 24 hours a functioning market, so you need 24-hour support!Make sure the broker you could reach the phone and live chat at any time. Therefore, before the presentation how to open a account and broker e-mails and answering your questions and observe.The platform is a problem when there is any information you give quick response whether you? For example, you can do as follows: select brokers in five of six units and sites, please contact support. Presentation open the account and then test them all platforms. If questions, e-mails, etc.. not get a response from him to give up on time.As a result of this work yatıracaksınız money, so I suggest you spend a little time to choose a good broker. Many brokers, provide support to Turkish investigate Yet the reliability of the brokers.Online Trading PlatformsGenerally, many brokers offer Internet-based platform. These platforms can use your computer, downloading it from any computer with high speed internet connection. Use of the most important issue to consider though easy entry and exit orders process.Well acquainted with the platform and the platform should be processing orders from very good to know.Make sure you can see all the deals as your platform, and a few live in terms of price Compare the platform. The platform balance, profit / loss status of the available margin, and margin status of open positions have to see.If you have installed on your computer platform, then you, like me, you move your laptop stretch during the day. In general, platforms, technical analysis tools available for download is faster and better. I think this difference, with technology developing new Internet-based platforms will soon be closed. If you have an Apple Mac computer platform, you can install on your computer will be very few options. If you're using a Mac do not have a choice more out of Internet-based computing platforms.In general, rates and live every moment you can see in your account, you can do technical analysis of the practical functions of graphs and charts you need a platform.Fast Internet ConnectionNo matter which platform to choose for forex transactions, you will need fast Internet.Graphs and analysis of market moves very fast during the day while the market can not go back. On the contrary, you should go to the front.Fast Your Internet or do not enter this market, even!Mini AccountMany brokers now allows you to open a mini account name a few-hundred-dollar account. In fact, a good opportunity for you to test yourself in these types of accounts, but only to try and experience the best! Such amounts of money in this market gained.
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