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Sunday, March 6, 2011

World Bank: Africa turns unemployment riots

Sunday, March 6, 2011
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World Bank Africa Region Vice President Obiageli Ezekwesili, video conference, said in a statement from Paris, from 7 to 10 million young people in Africa each year, including the labor market, he said.
Ezekwesili, business opportunities, as well as 30 years ago in China, said that it is important for Africa on the threshold of economic development.
World Bank officials, infrastructure development, increase direct foreign investment in Africa to draw attention to the importance of the review approach, he said.
Meanwhile, the World Bank will support the development of the economies of African countries.
World Bank's plan, help to create employment opportunities and diversification of the economies of African countries for falling, infrastructure needs and an annual 48 billion dollars currently to be provided to eliminate the gap between investments and efforts will be supported to facilitate the functioning of enterprises.
The poor in Africa, the economy, health, natural disasters and conflict-related shocks that points directly affected by the World Bank's plan, better health care, irrigation and water management of the effects of climate change and the improvement of the elimination of a more equitable sharing of resources for strengthening public institutions and the creation of consensus aimed at limiting damages and will focus on reducing the number of shocks.
Education, health and basic infrastructure services such as the critical be given too often or better management of public funds could not be worse given that specifies the World Bank, the governments of the citizens of the countries in Africa to provide better information about what you should expect, the capacity of governments and corrections systems, and basic services to help aims to work directly.

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