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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sahenk: 10 years old say they did not believe!

Monday, March 14, 2011
Dogus Holding Chairman Ferit Sahenk, Garanti Bank's board of directors of a jointmeeting of the General Assembly of the Spanish BBVA's Turkey, and Turkey andfinished by explaining the beginning, said: "10 years ago, there is a Turkish institutionsöyleselerdi to speak, did not believe most of us, " he said.

Sahenk, the Istanbul Convention Center "," Change Leaders Summit "at the spoke.Sahenk, the exchange of communication is very important, the concepts of the past 8 years living in Turkey, he saw through the processes of reform and demanding that it begin to bear fruit, and the results, he said.

"REFORMS IN 2001, THE CRISIS OUT COMFORTABLE provided by swimming"

After the 2001 crisis in Turkey, with close cooperation of public authorities to implement restructuring package, are very difficult to hiding some facts expressed in the Sahenk, introduced stringent conditions to the package that day, both the government, the business community and the public need, challenges and looking after As a result of the current deep crisis of the world have taken decisions that will carry out even more comfortable swim, said: "That this change for me.

Managing change this. Now companies, emerges as a country having signed major partnerships, "he said.

Turkey said to have spent in this world crisis without the help of a single public Sahenk, no longer seeing başlandığına Turkey, pointing to more specific platforms, "G20'de post some reports, the crisis in Turkey began to be spoken to bring out and what solutions," he said .


The world's seventh largest bank BBVA in Spain with his partner of Garanti Bank, reminding Sahenk, BBVA's by mentioning a few days ago has joined the management committee, said:

"It's very ortaklıklı and a thousand-odd people attended the general meeting of the board of directors meeting ended with Turkey, and Turkey began to tell.

More than 10 years ago, there is a Turkish institution söyleselerdi to speak, I think many of us did not believe them. "


This event is seen as the national team Sahenk stressed, "We came our way, Türkiyemizdeki entrepreneurial spirit of businessmen of the West and the world have understood the general principles of doing business that we can take comfort in these regions.

In this sense, democratization of capital, led by asset difficulties crossing the street in some Middle Eastern countries, the Turkish business world on its own, the error in the world at the other big companies in the development of the region, may be in the forefront in the development of employment "survey found.


Turkey 12 years ago, only the institutions from production, recently changing visions, Turkey "production base" to see the start of the striking Sahenk, "Now Turkey, many people saw the quality of the institution as a center of production, technology, whether highly appreciated in the region, business took to the fore.

I think Turkey, in the shift of cultural, social, and political sense, will contribute to the economic side, we can contribute to the business community as "made comments.

Sahenk Touching on Turkey's EU membership, a few companies in Europe said that as a group.

Sahenk, "We accept the business as we see in Europe, 73 million people can not see why accept? Me this question in my mind.

I hope the EU keeps up with changes in the world, "he said.

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