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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saved Citi Bank floating up above the Fed, on top Even if the Earnings were:

Sunday, March 6, 2011
Citi saved floating up above us, on top of the profit was $ 12 billion ...
Citi saved floating up above the U.S. Treasury, Citigroup, the financial assistance of $ 45 billion to crisis batmaması profits passed through. Treasury, the last remaining in the hands of Citigroup's shares sold for $ 10.5 billion. While state control of the bank, fund administration in Washington added a 2-year period profit of 12 billion dollars.
U.S. Treasury Department, Citigroup sold the remaining shares for $ 10.5 billion.While state control of the bank, so completely, thanks to the shares held by the U.S. Treasury so far has had a profit of 12 billion dollars. 2.4 billion in Citigroup stock in the hands of the Treasury Department, was sold price per share of $ 4:35.
Washington administration, Citigroup's 7.7 billion global crisis experienced in 2008 was sold on the stock price average of $ 4.14. The average stock price of $ 3.25 to the U.S. Treasury, was to have profit of 12 billion dollars.
Vice President Tim Massad Treasury Department's financial stability, "We sold all remaining shares of Citigroup, the potential benefits to taxpayers in the past we have maintained and prevent future risks," he said.
Massad In addition to the statement, "With this operation, Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to make an even better goal accomplished, the management of taxpayers, and Washington kept its status of being the owner of private equity companies have issued" a phrase.
Citigroup spokesman Jon Diät, the "Citi, the Treasury Department took the decision to sell Citigroup's common shares, the company is completely satisfied outbreak. At the same time, the Treasury Department are very grateful for the support provided by the company in the process of global crisis, "he said.
U.S. Treasury, 2008 and 2009 years of the period of severe crisis for Citigroup float bank had 45 billion dollars in financial aid. Citigroup, the financial assistance given to the Treasury in exchange for preferred shares of $ 20 billion back then was paying the price. The remaining amount of $ 25 billion by the Ministry of the Treasury of $ 7.7 billion turned into common stock.
U.S. Treasury, state-controlled automotive giant General Motors last month offered to the public again, by a record 23.1 billion dollars in revenue had been. GM's successful initial public offering, the U.S. government was encouraged.
HSBC wants to benefit victims of Madoff $ 9 billion
INVESTORS 150 years imprisonment on charges of defraud American investors, Bernard Madoff victims of the requested counsel, the Bankruptcy Court in New York sued HSBC 9 billion dollars. The court-appointed lawyer, Irving Picard, HSBC, Europe, the Caribbean and Central America and supporting the creation of many supporters of the fund to help Madoff'a accuses. Picard'a, according to supporters of funds contributed 8.9 billion dollars. In a case against Picard, executive businesses and other supporters provide the main funding source as the other defendants named funds.
Picard, HSBC and others to consider the case of warnings, Madoff'un Ponzi game would collapse years ago, said billions of dollars retainJP Morgan Chase and UBS for the past few weeks was filed similar lawsuits. Bernard Madoff, the U.S. is accused of making $ 50 billion fraud. 

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