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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chinese Premier: Political system reform will continue

Sunday, March 6, 2011
The highest organ of state authority in China with the Chinese National People's Assembly (CNPA) annual meeting began in Beijing. The opening of the meeting between President Hu Cintao, Standing Committee Chairman Wu Bangguo and Prime Minister Vein Ciabo'nın CNPA the Chinese Communist Party and state leaders also attended.
Standing Committee Chairman Wu Bangguo and directed CNPA about 3 thousand representatives attended the opening meeting, the Prime Minister of the State Council on behalf of the Government Work Report presented Ciabao Ven. More than 20 thousand Chinese characters and English translation of 39 pages of the report, the last five-year period, the results obtained in the field of national economy and social development, and summarizes the experiences, the government's next five-year goals and tasks listed.
Expected to take nine and a half day sessions of the annual meeting of the government, CNPA, Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's prosecutor reviewed the study reports, and 12 Five-Year Economic and Social Development Plan to be discussed.
Chinese Prime Minister Vein Ciabao reading the report, "opening up and reform policy and the political system is maintained derinleştirilerek is performed by appropriate methods of reform," he said.
This year's macro-regulation of one of the most important, the Prime Minister stated that stabilizing prices Vein, said prices will get effective measures to strictly control.Vein, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rising rate of around 4 percent said keeping targeted.
Prices of food and clothing in China, mainly of consumer goods have increased substantially since the second half of last year. In January, the CPI, rose 4.9 percent over the same period last year.


Prime Minister vein, the next five-year period foreseen in the economy being the average annual growth of 7 percent, he said. Vein, in 2015 the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 55 trillion yuan (833 billion dollars) has been estimated will pass said.
Strengthened the protection of price stability in the next 5 years, the need for macro-regulation Vein striking, short-term arrangements in mind a combination of long-term development policies, domestic demand potential, large enough to carry the evaluation, so that consumption, investment and exports should be making important factors that accelerate economic growth, pointing said.

- "HOT MONEY FLOW avoided" -

In 2011 with an active fiscal policy and stable monetary policy to apply a healthy vein record, GDP is expected to increase by around 8 per cent, compared to last year the budget deficit decreased by 150 billion yuan, 900 billion yuan (136.36 billion dollars), being foreseen, he said.
China currency Yuan exchange rate formation mechanism will be continued to reform the recurrent vein, strict control of capital inflows from abroad to China, taking the country "hot money" flows to avoid stressed.
Vein, agriculture, villages and villagers with the Chinese government gives priority to the less developed regions, raising the level of public life, the realization of structural adjustments in the economy, increase investment in science and technology was passed to make creative innovations.
Prime Minister vein, the next five years, change the style of economic development and structural adjustment in the economy by speeding up the steps of the manufacturing sector to grow qualitatively and routed to develop new strategic sectors, he said. Vein, the development of the service sector during this period should increase the speed kazandırılarak share of GDP, he said.
Progression of steps in the process of urbanization by providing a healthy 47.5 per cent of the urban rate of 51.5 per cent to that point to the need to increase the Vein, all the amenities of modern agriculture in developing agriculture, industry and service sectors in accordance with geliştirileceklerini told. Ven, on the one hand the cultural and social system reform hızlandırılırken the other hand, the socialist market economy, socialist democracy and socialist legal system in management development, thus providing assurance that a solid scientific development, he said.


Annual meeting of the council at the opening of China's Prime Minister Vein Ciabao also in China, global and regional level of importance undertaken by playing a constructive role in resolving the issues would continue to fulfill its international responsibilities and obligations he said.
Vein defending China's independent and peaceful foreign policy applies, to progress towards China's peaceful development, mutual benefit and joint income-based outreach strategy will continue to monitor, he said. Vein, healthy and stable relations with China's large and important countries will continue to develop as neighboring countries, the traditional friendship and cooperation relations with all countries and developing derinleştireceğini yoğunlaştıracağını said.
Ven, as the G-20 summit meetings as a platform to see a significant strengthening of China's macro-economic policy coordination, international economic and financial reform process in the system forwarding a strong world economy, will contribute to sustainable and balanced growth of the said.


Chinese Premier vein, this year, with particular emphasis on low-and middle-income citizens to solve the housing shortage, meet with the demands of the public on this issue noted that justified.
Vein denoting the number of public housing be increased this year to be given to low-rent public housing construction rates and the weight given to speed up efforts for the creation of a Public Housing Management System reported. Vein, 103 billion yuan from the central budget for this purpose (15.6 billion dollars) was allocated announced.
According to the latest statistics, 10 major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai in February, housing prices have risen 15 percent over the same period last year.
Affected by the global economic crisis of the last five years in China, but also natural disasters such as earthquakes, also suffered serious reminiscent vein, the tax is completely removed from agriculture, urban and rural areas, compulsory education is applied, the process of health reform in the way that a steady progress, he said.Manned space travel and the Moon Exploration Project, provided the breakthrough nature of developments indicating that vein, as well as the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Fair (Expo) successfully regulate China, an important and constructive role played in international affairs said.

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