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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Index term / time United States extend gains

Saturday, March 5, 2011
Wal-Mart, said the three-month increase of 1.1 percent in dividends, then upgrade.Intel Corp.., Robert W. Baird & Co.. "Upon the recommendation of the company'sshares gained. Marvell Technology Group Ltd.. 'in the first quarter after theannouncement of the earnings remained below expectations, is expected to break loose.

Standard & Poor's 500 index in March teslimatlı term / 1,332.3 points earned was 0.2percent today. Yesterday the index rising 1.7 percent, the biggest leap since December 1 noted. Dow Jones 0.2 per cent increase in term / time savingEndeksi'ndeki 12.269 points, the Nasdaq-100 Index  term / premium rate by0.2 percent and reached 2,375.75 points.

Today announced the U.S. employment report for the month of February, the day mostanticipated by the markets data.

Increase of 196 thousand people in February, Bloomberg, economists expect to save. Thus, employment in the United States will have reached its highest level sinceMay 2010. Employment, attendance in January was 36 thousand people.

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