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Monday, March 14, 2011

Training in crisis struck Greece

Monday, March 14, 2011
Education, Life Long Learning and the Ministry of Religious Affairs, has long worked on the decisions taken regarding the country's map of the school said. Announcing the decisions of the ministry of education to be implemented during 2011-2012, the country's schools and students to be useful to improve the quality of public education in order to map changes reported. Home, first, middle and high schools, including changes, students and the teacher shortage in schools due to causes such as lack of tools and devices to be implemented. Combined with the planned establishment of new schools and closing of schools, public school facilities to provide better and quality, investment in school buildings and better enjoyment of all students, teacher cadres amaçlandığına noted.

The new structure will not be more than 25 students, according to the elementary school classroom mevcudunun, junior high and high schools, this number does not exceed 10% of 25 + said. 400 not exceed the number of students in any of the merged schools, 6 secondary schools across the country from 400 to only 500 students transferred knowledge mevcutu be found.


- 2011-2012 education year 1933 throughout the country combined total of 16 thousand schools were closed or reduced to 877'ye.
- 1523 primary combined with reduced 672'ye. Education, 98 of them already suspended various reasons, 18 were announced in the absence of any students.
- 410 secondary schools and 205 were taken.
- 30 percent of secondary schools combined for 35 students they serve a similar situation applies to the general high schools that were expressed.

Greek newspapers, "held by the Ministry of Education to implement the consolidation plan," knife ", primary schools and primary schools fell upon. According to the Ministry last week announced a new map, the school shut down 056 thousand. 851'i of these schools, primary and nursery school. Movement on the teachers that are confused. "Survey found.

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