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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Istanbul Stock Exchange increased of Number Of Inversters

Saturday, March 5, 2011
Istanbul Stock Exchange within 1 year from the new investors, created the bulk of the natives. 
AA correspondent Central Registry Agency (CRA), according to data compiled last year, a total of 1 million 15 thousand 427 in February, the number of investors, this year increased by 4.56 per cent in the same month rose to 1 million 61 thousand 773'e.  
As of last month, investors 1 million 54 thousand 162 residents, the aliens created 7 thousand 611'ini. 1 year 46 thousand in the total number of investors increased by 346 units, it has 45 thousand 785'i natives. The number of foreign investors has increased by 561 units and 7.96 per cent. 
The number of foreign investors in terms of the domestic investor's portfolio value although far behind the total of 155 billion 374 million lira, 99 billion 180 million lira bulundurdu the hands of foreigners.
Domestic investors have a total portfolio value was 56 billion 193 million pounds at the level. 


Examined on the basis of the Istanbul province, 336 thousand 362 local investors with the value of its portfolio of 39 billion 342 million pounds during the first took place in the list. Istanbul, foreign investors owned a total portfolio value of 178 thousand in the level of 3 billion is 630 million pounds. Thus, in Istanbul, local and foreign investors, a total of 56 billion 277 million pounds of the portfolio held in the hands of 42 billion 972 million lira. 

Asset value of the care of Istanbul, 246 thousand investors with a portfolio value of 4 billion 881 million pounds followed by Ankara. 

Izmir 2 billion 530 million 102 thousand 68 pounds portfolio investor, the investor's portfolio in Bursa, 40 thousand 459 TL 867 million, Adana, 26 thousand 472 in the investor's portfolio is at the level of 714 million pounds. 

Age Range 40-44 MAXIMUM INTEREST LOCAL SIDE-stock exchange ...- 

160 thousand domestic investors to the stock transactions were found in the range of 40-44 years, 45-49 years for foreign investors is the weight. Investors between the ages of 15-24 people showing little interest in the stock market. 

366 thousand 527 slices examined, only in the hands of domestic portfolio investors portfolio bulundururken between 200-100 pounds, 74 thousand 649'unun is in the hands of the portfolio between 5-10 thousand pounds. 

Foreigners in the hands of the investor side, the portfolio value of 2 thousand 241 over 1 million lira.

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